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Roelofs & Drubbel Advocaten
(Roelofs & Drubbel Lawyers' Office)

Advice and litigation practice
for private persons and entrepreneurs

Roelofs & Drubbel Lawyers'Office, Advice and litigation practice for private persons and entrepreneurs

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Welcome to the website of Roelofs & Drubbel Advocaten
Roelofs & Drubbel Advocaten is a Dutch lawyers's office with branche offices in Almere, The Hague, Lelystad and Nijmegen. We deliver legal services and litigation services to private persons and entrepeneurs in every court room in Holland. Our style of service is to deliver personally tailored but businesslike legal aid.

Prevention is better than litigation
Our main target is to try to solve a legal dispute without interference of a court. If interference of a court is inevitable, we offer the best advice and litigation service to solve the dispute in your favour.

Practice areas
We offer our legal services in a large number of practice areas. For instance, we treat legal disputes concerning labor law, tax law, administrative law, family law, tenancy law, intellecutal property, (personal) injury, corporate law, business law, contract law and criminal law.

Contact us if you do not know in which practice area your dispute would fall. We treat disputes, not practice areas. Your dispute is at the centre of our service, not some practice area.

Subsidized legal aid
A mandatory subject during your first consultation is the costs of legal aid. Private persons with a low income often qualify for subsidized legal aid. If you qualify for subsidized legal aid, the fee of your lawyer will for the greater part be paid by the Council for Legal Aid (in Dutch "Raad voor Rechtsbijstand").

Make an appointment
Your first consultation with one of our lawyers is free from charges. During your visit to our office, you will speak with a lawyer who is specialised in the required practice area, f.i. family law. You can call us on 070 - 369 3634 to make an appointment with one of our lawyers or you can send an e-mail. Please state your name and telephone number and we will call you as soon as possible.

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