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Roelofs & Drubbel Advocaten
(Roelofs & Drubbel Lawyers' Office)

Advice and litigation practice
for private persons and entrepreneurs

Roelofs & Drubbel Lawyers'Office, Advice and litigation practice for private persons and entrepreneurs

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About our method
After you have made an appointment for consultation of one of our lawyers, you go to the branche office where you will meet your lawyer on the appointed date and time. Your explain your legal problem, f.i. your wish for a divorce, to your lawyer and you discuss possible evidence such as written agreements or a marriage settlement. Your lawyer will look at your documents and discuss the possible consequences of taking legal steps or initiating litigation.

A mandatory subject during your first consultation is the costs of legal aid. Private persons with a low income often qualify for subsidized legal aid. If you qualify for subsidized legal aid, the fee of your lawyer will for the greater part be paid by the Council for Legal Aid (in Dutch "Raad voor Rechtsbijstand"). If you do not qualify for legal aid, the possible costs of legal aid will be elaborated and an agreement on the legal aid will be made.

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